Give to Get

I think a lot of the time, God brings people into our lives in order to teach us something or fill a void that we have, whether, in our thoughts, actions, or what we feel. But other times, very special times, God brings people into our lives that are there not to fill a void, but to enable us to fully realize ourselves. They are placed there to make the full parts of our lives even more full. They are the ones that are able to see straight through to your heart and your beliefs, and do nothing but strengthen them. These people come quietly, and when we’re lucky, never leave. The thing about these people is that you do not recognize the gifts they have given you until you begin to recognize yourself and the changes that are subconsciously being made to your life that make it better. When the process of recognition begins, there is no hope in going back to the person you were before you let the one that changed you into your life. True human interaction is irreversible and beautiful, but in order to begin experiencing the gifts of others, you must first give of yourself.

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