The Virtues of Homework

I think that a lot of what we do in life because we “have to” doesn’t ever really turn out to be what we “had” to, but rather the act of doing was what was necessary. Our schooling, jobs, and the things we learn and produce are not the underlying reasons for our existences, but rather the societal extensions of what allows us to truly be. The learning and making is coincidental, but the processes of learning and doing themselves are opportunities for us to better ourselves, and to learn what we are all about. Will we fold in the face of apparent irrelevance? Or will we allow ourselves to rise and discover not only our weaknesses and limits, but our passions and strengths, and become better than who we were before presented with the must-dos of our lives? Truth is, none of us really need to buy into society. At any point, we all have the power to change our direction and decide to not do what society mandates us to, but most of us will end up buying in. We can buy in without losing our hopes of bettering ourselves and the world around us. We can buy in without giving up the notion that we can and will live the lives we’ve dreamed. Do not let the stagnant nature of modern-day society stifle your imagination or force you to lose your drive. Let yourself stay a dreamer and do simply because you can—with the knowledge that your act of doing says more than what you are actually doing ever will.


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