Life: Divine Chaos

The world we live in is a hectic one and the lives that we live are no less hectic. We find ourselves swimming in a sea of what ifs, could’ve beens, what may be’s, should I’s. We stay afloat because of the must-dos and the have-tos. Oftentimes the answers lay in the questions and asking is the most important part of moving forward and living life, but other times what we need to do is take a step back and look. Why do we need to step back and reexamine? We must do so because maybe it is not the job of the world to present things perfectly to us, but rather our job to find the beauty in the imperfection—to find the light in the dark. Perhaps sorting through the insanity of real life is the challenge as well as the meaning of life—simply because sorting isn’t easy. No one ever said it was, and no one will ever be able to look you in the eye and say it will be. But those that find the good in others, the good in their lives, and the good in the world are the ones that will find it. With belief in goodness and faith as the fuel, the search for order in the divine chaos of our existences will never grow old. Search and you will find. Do not give up the fight. It is up to each and every one of us to find order and faith in that which has been given to us, for the world has no order unless you assign it order, no meaning unless you give it some, and no life if you do not go live yourself. So go and assign order. Give meaning to each one of your actions and relationships. Go live. Above all, have faith in others, their ability to change you, and your ability to change them, because through the madness of reality we are able to find peace in the simple fact that we are not mad alone.


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