All We Are: A Short Note on People

Humans are passionate creatures. We are mistake driven—we mess up, feel when we are not supposed to, and we try with all of our being when all else tells us that it is hopeless. Trial and error underpins our existence, because driven by passion, we do, and how the world responds determines whether or not we try again. We are resilient, and the resilience shines through when we keep doing what our hearts drive us to, and keep living when we are the only one that believes, with the faith that our belief will be contagious. Within all of us, there is the person, who, when he recognizes even a seed of possibility, sees an entire field, even when the land he finds himself on is barren and naught. Let us find our seeds and plant them, for the world responds to passion with opportunity, even if that opportunity means a field that must be dreamed before it is sown.


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