Why Being Kind Matters

In life, the controllable inevitably transitions into the uncontrollable, and what was deemed a choice yesterday is a situation today. The actions of today are the circumstances of tomorrow.  Although fate is oftentimes considered unchangeable, what people do not realize is that its inelasticity is due to our own choices—we make our inevitable fate what it is. The choices we make in living, in loving, and in our words and in our kindness or lack thereof, are crucial for not only fulfilling our obligation as human beings to leave the world and those in it a little better than we found them, but they are also crucial to our long-term success as humans. When you have the choice to say a kind word or do a kind deed, do so. Life works in cycles, and although ‘what goes around comes around’ does not resonate well with many, kind actions do cycle through when the time comes that you are the one who needs a kind word, needs a friend, or finds themselves in a situation that would be easier if there was another person to connect with. The benefits of malice, if any, are short lived and self serving, whereas those of a simple action, word, or a mindful way of living shine through our entire being and allow us to be one step closer to peace. The purpose for the road traveled by some people into your life, if only for a brief moment in time, may hinge on your decision to either be or not be kind, and how you decide to act could determine where, beyond your own universe, they continue to travel to.


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