How We Act is Who We Are

Our actions are a lot further-reaching than we might think. Why are we here today if not to leave something or to work towards something tomorrow? As important as it is to live right and to live right now, it is equally as important to keep tomorrow in mind and to think past your immediate feelings and actions; impulsivity, like many things, is only good in moderation. An impulsive life cannot be meaningful, for it is only self-serving and refuses to allow for meaningful relationships that come from thought of how our actions affect others. To live a truly good and meaningful life, the repercussions of how we act must be looked at as an extension of ourselves—how we act is ultimately who we are. Although feeling is an individual process, action is felt by more than just the soul that performs the action. Ultimately, action can be tangible in the sense that it can affect real people in real ways. Living without regrets is good. Nobody should ever regret, but conversely, using that phrase as a crutch for living selfishly and acting with reckless abandon does nothing but harm to the individual and those around him. Just as one decision to act can affect another person’s path of life in a forward manner, action without regard can be equally as debilitating as action with regard is enabling. Humans are resilient but also vulnerable, and to live a good life it is absolutely crucial to remember the vulnerability the next time emotion extends into action and action into being.


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