Happiness: Free as We’ll Ever Be

Happiness may be such a hard idea to grasp not because it is complex, but rather because many times, our concept of it is not accurate. Happiness is not about being happy. It is impossible to “achieve” happiness because to consistently exist in that state of being is near impossible. Life has its highs; conversely, and undeniably, it also has its lows, many of which occur due to factors that we have no control over. Happiness is a concept that is more centered on freedom. Being content and “happy” in life is about setting up your own life and making decisions in a way that allows you to live every facet of your life to its fullest, while meeting minimal unnecessary resistance. It means giving yourself a direct path to success in personal life, accomplishments, and progress in whatever passion your heart possesses.

So, how do we avoid resistance? First, we differentiate resistance from challenge. Struggle and hardship are necessary to accomplish what we dream, but what holds us back more than the challenges that present themselves to us, are the challenges that we present to ourselves. When we allow our lives to be dictated by any sort of negative, we give up a necessary component to living a full life—the ability to decide for ourselves the direction that we will head in. When we allow a part of our being, however small, to be guided by that which only guides backwards, naturally our entire being will follow suit. This could happen sooner or it could happen later, but it will happen. When we refuse to hand over the reigns of any aspect of our lives, we more fully become “us.” We steer our hopes, dreams, thoughts, and thus our lives in a direction that is not backwards, but rather moves forward. A direction that enables rather than hinders, and one that leads to a peaceful state of being rather than one that searches for happiness in vain. The next time you find yourself searching to no avail, instead of changing direction in haste, find the rein that is not in your hand, and take it.


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