A Journey of Purpose

I think the greatest triumph is when people realize that what they do, who they are, the words they speak, and the things they think, matter. When purpose and reason is assigned to life, that life obtains purpose and reason. Realizing this empowers the individual to not only act in accordance to his own wants and needs, but to see that every little thing they invest themselves in has an effect on someone or something else. When we realize that we are not merely in the world but the world also in us, it becomes ours; suddenly nothing is impossible. The most effective way to obtain purpose in life is not to find a void in the world that needs filling and attempt to fill it, but rather to answer the call for what brings us alive. The world itself is dynamic; if the world is within us and the world is dynamic, we have no excuse to remain static and complacent. We matter. But the journey of purpose is not one that is traveled with eyes down, cautiously avoiding imperfection in the road; it is one traveled with eyes forward, knowing all the while that a confident step forward is one step closer to somewhere.


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