A Push in the Right Direction

Sometimes all it takes is a push in the right direction to get us where we’re supposed to be going. A lot of the times, this push is not nearly as gentle as we’d like it to be. Many times before beginning a new path to a different part of our lives, we have a sense that that particular path is going to be there for us at some point later on. More often than not however, that path intersects with our current path a lot sooner than we anticipate. That is part of what makes life so exciting and unpredictable—that sometimes when we begin something anew, we do not feel ready. This sense of uneasiness does not come from being ill-prepared, but rather from being called upon to live our lives on command, at that particular moment. There is no room for falsities, but rather only what is real. A lot of the time, life primes us to put up a front, so when we are forced to not put it up, sometimes we lose our footing a bit and we stumble. However, though we were pushed, with eyes forward and the heart to take another step, it never takes long for us to regain our footing and continue once again.


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