The Miracle of Right Now

The concept of “right now” is a miracle. Right now is different than any other moment in time because it gives you the opportunity to act, and more importantly to make change both in your life and in the lives of people around you. Right now encompasses more than your past because it can be altered, and all of your future because every action that is performed now affects how your future unfolds. Right now gives you the chance to make right, make anew, and to create your life. The miracle of right now is that it is different for every person. Your own “right now” knows your story. It knows where you have been, the things you have seen, the people you have met, both the good and bad experiences you have had, but more than anything it knows that this moment is not the end of your story. It knows that nothing is over unless you choose for it to be. Sometimes certain things need to be put to an end—if they were not, then how could we ever grow? But right now will fight like hell for it not to be the end of things that matter. Right now is never the end. In a world of have nots, can nots, will nots, and non-believers, right now is the voice of reason. It is the opportunity for the will haves, can do’s, will do’s, and believers.


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