Brick by Brick

Sometimes in life, for reasons unknown to us at the time, things change. A situation, a friendship, or a circumstance—becomes different than it was before. Most times, these shifts in state can be attributed to our own actions, and it is through our doing that these parts of our lives become things that they were not before. They become things that we do not want them to be. More importantly however, it is through our lack of doing that these structures are not rebuilt. They do not necessarily crumble further, but is a lack of growth not just as detrimental? Many would say yes. But in some cases, the builders are just not yet ready to begin new growth. Not unwilling nor incapable, but just not ready. This is where time becomes the greatest gift of all.

There is a quote that says some things fall apart so that better things can fall together. When things in our lives do fall apart, they may do so in order for us to finally see the weaknesses that caused their downfall, and with this knowledge, build ourselves back up in addition to the structure that has broken. “Better things” might merely be better versions of the same things. Better, given time, can always be achieved. Certain structures in our lives exist and break down, yet with a clear mind and willing soul, we are able to see these weaknesses and recreate a structure that was even better than before. With faith, forgiveness, and a little bit of time, nothing is ever truly damaged beyond repair.


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