Intangible Ideas: Why do We Bother?

Sometimes, ideas and notions that have the least amount of “evidence” and require the greatest amount of conviction are those that our lives are staked in the most. These ideas and notions, such as love, happiness, and God, are things that do not come to us through the acquisition of skill or enter our lives through study of minds past. These ideas can be argued over, fought for, believed in, but never concretely defined, proven, or disproven, yet they hold an immense amount of weight in our lives as human beings. Why do we bother with them? If no matter how hard we attempt to convince, how much we believe, or how much we strive towards understanding, we can never really know? It is the fluidity of these ideas that make them worthwhile.

Above most other things, man attempts to live life with a purpose, one that will not only matter while he is alive, but one that will leave an impression long after he is gone. The shortest path to living a life that matters is to follow what moves you, because what moves you is not what moves the next person, and together the passions of mankind are what create the perfect symphony and interdependence of human life. The intangible ideas create a stir in the agreements of men not merely because of their lack of objectivity, but because they are what moves the human in all of us. When each of us finds our own distinct foothold in the intangible and form our ideas and beliefs on things that will never be truly known, we move closer to becoming ourselves, and the closer we are to ourselves, the more distinct and impressionable our lives will become. When we are our ourselves, we find our niche in our lives, where we play into the lives of those around us, how our individuality affects the functioning of the world, and recognize that the fate of our surroundings is entirely dependent on our own being.


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