Why We Look Forward to Mornings

There is a certain brightness that comes with the dawn of a new day—not just metaphorically speaking—that a new day embodies a clean slate and the absence of anything to taint its perfection, but the actual color of morning. Have you ever noticed it? The whiteness of the sun’s beams as they permeate and kindly disrupt a night of rest? There is a certain pureness about them. There is something real in those rays. Unlike the color black, the color white is the aggregate of all other colors and encompasses the entire spectrum of light. Maybe this is why the sun’s rays are so bright in the morning—because the rays of this morning embody the colors of all your mornings, days, and nights that have come before. It is almost as if the colors of your past are exactly what light your todays, and that it is because of every other color you have seen and experienced that you are able to see the day. Mornings are bright because they are full of the hope that no matter if your yesterday was black with despair, yellow with happiness, or shrouded in the grey of indecisiveness, the morning will light your path but never forget your past.


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