How Action and Decision are Different

Some of the greatest steps we take and decisions we make in life are the ones that we take and make alone. The choice to move in a certain direction, against the grain and against advice and counsel, require a certain conviction that our critics are incorrect and that our hearts are correct. It requires the belief that maybe human contentment relies more on what we feel and how we feel it rather than what others, and even ourselves, think life “should” be. These steps and decisions require a steady and resolved mindset that is fixed on the unseen rather than the seen, and an expectation that the road we have chosen may not be the easiest nor the most visible, but is the one that most reflects who we are and more importantly, who it is that we want to become.

Deciding to step away from what is expected of us, if that is the course we decide upon, is not the hard part. We can spend hours, days, weeks, and months having already decided what it is we want to do or change. Acting however, is the difficult part. Acting is hard because it happens quickly. It holds weight. To a certain degree, once we decide to act upon our own convictions, we cannot go back. Each action we perform is irreversible, but lacks the capacity to be undone for a reason: every action we have performed and every word we have spoken have led us to where we presently are. Each moment in time is connected to the next, and each moment that we consider “now” is connected to the future. Now is the only thing that we have control over.


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