Seeing the Good

Looking for the good in life is much more than acknowledging all that is going well in our own worlds at any given time. Seeing the good encompasses more than mere observation—it embodies the past, present, and future, and requires hindsight, attentiveness, and foresight. Seeing the good requires the willingness to choose; unlike bearing witness to other parts of life, “seeing” good means that as many times as we choose to focus on the good, we refuse to choose to let the darker parts of life define our courses of action.

As the saying goes, we bring our own light to the darkness. How then, can we bring light if all that around us is dark? By choosing to embody what makes us happy, appreciating what good we do have, and allowing ourselves to see days beyond today, we ourselves are illuminated. We do not acknowledge the light—we are the light.

Seeing the good means knowing that our days ahead have more to offer than what our current situations may be. More than anything, it means keeping the faith. It means saying yes when all we see and hear is no, and knowing that we have the power to both change ourselves and all that is around us by committing ourselves to a mindset. When the mindsets we hold enable instead of limit, by refusing to accept the reasons why we should be unhappy and instead embracing the reasons why we should be happy, we illuminate the darkness we were brought into. By bringing our own light, we are able to see.


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