Why Unpredictability Gives Life Value

Change is one of the most fundamental aspects of human life. Every second of every day, we experience some sort of change. We change our vantage points, both literally and figuratively. Each breath we take is different than the last, however consistent the act of breathing is. As steady and predictable as our lives and we may seem, there is always an element of chance that plays into how our stories unfold. This uncertainty may sometimes make life seem too unsteady to be great—like at any time, everything we have worked for could crumble and become naught. However, the unpredictability of the way our individual worlds interact with the greater world around us is precisely what makes life the most valuable and sacred thing of all.

Unpredictability makes life sacred is because it shows us how little we actually know about life and the way that it works. It reveals to us how much potential we really have—simply by making us aware that we cannot see or predict everything. We are able to anticipate the flaws in people and the downfalls in the way that our lives could unfold, but imagining the great and picturing the possible is much harder. It is easier to see how things will not work out than it is to see how things will work out, because many times we are all completely unaware of our potential. We are able to see our limitations because we have been limited before, but we find it harder to picture ourselves being great, precisely because many times our greatness is unprecedented. It is why being great is, well, great—because it meets no standard, falls under no category, and is compared to nothing else. It is great merely because of the fact that it happened.

Picturing the extent to which our lives could be incredible, the unseen paths that it could take us down, the people it could lead us to, and ultimately envisioning how life will actually unfold in its own beautifully unruly way is difficult to do. But that is the exact reason that we hold on—we embody the hope that sooner or later, we will learn that we do not need to anticipate, but rather when we live well and do good, the sanctity of life will prove itself to us, simply by being unpredictable.


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