Searching for a Piece of Forever

The eyes are a very telling feature of both the human body and spirit. There is a lot to be said about our eyes—they are the only part about us that when connected with another person’s, are able to really read the kind of state they are in. Eyes are very telling when it comes to pain. Sadness comes through the eyes regardless of how well a person can say they are and as fine and stable as they may seem. If anything can indicate a person’s true state of being, it is their eyes.

Our eyes are windows to both pain and possibility because though they can both perceive and convey, eyes cannot act. They tell us the most about our surroundings, can witness the wrong that they have done, as well as the sometimes irreparable consequences that come with making mistakes. However, that is the most they can do. Our eyes can do no more than bear witness to the world that they have created. So, why are they useful?  Our eyes are powerful because the one thing they can do is search.

Our eyes lead our search for “forever.” A lot of our journeys, though focused on the present, encompass a search for the future. As we live our lives, we cannot help but try to find our own little piece of forever—the piece that seems to outlast time, mistakes, wrongdoing, and other humanly constraints. We search for what we can do.

We search because we are limited in the time that we have to be the best people that we can be. The thought that our lives are so extremely and literally numbered is terrifying. That we have a set limit on the number of days we have to do something, to fix something, to make better, and to live better, is scary. Though our eyes close at times, they do not give up. They are the everlasting reminder that as long as we are able to see clearly, there is something that we can do. At times, that “something” is merely waiting. It is not giving up hope. So we allow our eyes to lead the search. We let them look for forever.


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