Why Life is Extraordinary, When it Isn’t

At times, the world we live in seems to be a rather ordinary one; we seem to just be ordinary people, living ordinary lives. In many ways, life is ordinary. Yet in the most important respects of life, for the things that really move mankind and drive our hearts and souls, life is not ordinary by any means. The great parts of life come in the most unexpected of ways, and at the most unexpected of times. It is because of life’s spontaneity that we gain an immense satisfaction from living, and when we live with the best intentions, learn to take responsibility for our mistakes, but not be afraid to risk again, life is extraordinary.

Sometimes we may lose the faith. It is tough to consistently view our lives as anything more than chance—especially during the hard times. When every step of our journey seems to end in roadblocks, detours, and wrong choices, it becomes difficult to find rhyme or reason in mishap. That is life’s test, however—to realize that the roadblocks and detours are intended to create a better path.

Some of the most amazing things come from the ordinary. They come from just living. In the best-case scenarios, we meet extraordinary people who challenge and change the way we think. They challenge and change the way that we feel, how we view our worlds, mourn losses, celebrate victories, and deal with pain. The exceptional, when they come along, wash away the common.  They make everything worth the ordinaries, worth the pain, and worth anything that did not seem to be worth it. For those who lose faith, life has this to say: trust chance, for the best things in life do not come when we beckon. Even in an ordinary world, extraordinary things are possible.


2 responses to “Why Life is Extraordinary, When it Isn’t

  1. I love all of your blog posts. You are awesome at articulating your thoughts, and i love where your mind keeps going. Thank you.

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