Building from Challenges: Why Life is like Legos

When certain things happen to us in life: when we are presented with a challenge, experience a defeat, endure a setback, or encounter difficulty on the way to the life that we imagine for ourselves, it is easy to view the event as an isolated instance that is not related to anything else we have encountered in life. It is easy to zero in on how tough the challenge will be to overcome, because it is easy to keep our eyes on the finish line and the horizon—it is easy to avoid acknowledging the steps that we actually need to take before getting there. Oftentimes we do this because we are scared, because steps mean action, action means decision, and decision means the potential to fail. However, what we forget sometimes is that each challenge that is presented to us is neither insurmountable nor arbitrary, because life has a way of giving us experiences as a way of preparing for the “next thing.” Many times we do not realize it, but we are much more capable of overcoming challenges than we may think, simply because we have lived.

Getting through a challenge does not mean that all challenges have come to an end for us; rather, the skills and mindsets we have acquired through the conquest of one difficulty have readied us for the next. They have given us something that we did not have before and that is crucial to facing the next challenge. What we need to remember is that when we say “the worst is over,” there will always be new “worsts.” There will always be new highs, new lows, new endings, but more importantly, new beginnings.

Life would not present us with the troubles of the present without first giving us and getting us through the hardships of the past. We are not faced with anything that we are incapable of overcoming, because some way and somehow, life, God, or whatever you want to call it, has the faith that we have learned from all that we have done, seen, and experienced. Fate has the faith that with our past as a skill set, our very being as a set of tools, and the challenges we face as a blueprint, we will build something incredible.



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