What to Expect when You are not Expecting

To say that life works in unexpected ways is a testament to the fact that we never truly know what is going to happen next. We may think that there are rules, a plan, or a paradigm for the way that life will ultimately unfold, but our paths are not paved in such a way. They are not composed of a single material, free of bumps and cracks. Rather, they are composed of cobblestone—an infinite collection of exceptions to the life we had planned that have forced us to adapt and change the way that we walk, and sometimes the direction we are headed in. Many times we attempt to make sense of the chaos and find rhyme or reason in that which we are unsure of. However, the easiest way to make sense of each one of our crazy lives is to do the exact opposite. We must let go of the need to know and rather approach everything that life throws at us with open arms.

When we learn to embrace that we will never know how or why certain things and certain people happen to us, and when we act upon this knowledge,  and open our hearts and minds, life will begin to make better sense. We will begin to become happier and better people, simply because we will live with the intention of feeling, and not with the intention of knowing. This is not to disregard the importance of the search for knowledge. Rather, it is to emphasize that living with the intention of to feel will yield a more fulfilling life—one full of passion, love, curiosity, and excitement. Expecting the unexpected is not a static process that consists of sitting back and letting life happen. Rather, it is the act of searching and embracing. It is risking falling hard and being ready to adapt. It is actually wanting to adapt, all the while knowing and believing that you are right where you were always meant to be.


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