Why Life does not Work “On Paper”

Life does not always work out the way that we think it is supposed to. We have a plan a lot of the time of how it “should” work out—one that works perfectly on paper. Paper represents our own conceptions of an ideal situation, whether with friends, love, or success. We model what we think the good life is, based on what we have witnessed to work for other people and make them happy, and from there we predict how we should attempt to model our lives. Many times, we fashion our goals after those that have come before us.

The thing is however, life is not lived on paper; love is not sown nor is passion discovered within the constraints of what “should be.” The idea of “should” is really the average of the past. It is the collective success of what has been done before. Yet in order to experience and feel things that we have never experienced or felt, the past is not an appropriate tool to measure the possible.

In order to transcend the supposed boundaries of our own existences, we can set no limitations on what we are willing to give a chance, and what we are willing to try. The “right” way to live is the way that infuses our entire beings with joy and purpose; we cannot rely on and limit ourselves to predetermined notions of the right way to live. It may be cliché to say that some things do not work out in order for better things to present themselves. However, when we experience failure in any facet, it shows that we did not limit what we tried, and we did not play it safe. We did not merely act on what worked on paper, and by doing so, we made room for the beauty of chance.


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