Loss: Not always a Bad Thing

Sometimes the journey to self-discovery does not lie in that which we have gained, but that which we have sacrificed. Self-discovery, or the instance of fully viewing the kind of people that we are, often comes in reflecting upon what we have lost, and examining whether or not it was worth letting go of. When we stand alone, and are able to examine the gains and losses of our actions objectively, it becomes utterly clear whether or not the things or people we have lost over time have bettered our existences, or are the result of mistake, and should have been held on to.

If our losses result in the first scenario—a bettered existence, loss does not have to be looked at in a negative light. Losing something is not always a bad thing. Sometimes in order to move on and ultimately become better people we must let go—of people, habits, and ways of thinking—in order to make room for the new. When new is introduced into our lives, we are changed. We are exposed to the different, challenged to be better, and see the world from a different vantage point. Sometimes, making room for the new means allowing ourselves a new beginning.

Now, the “newness” after letting go can go in two different directions. It can show us how much better off we are after letting go, or it can do the complete opposite. It can also show us that we did not know what we had until we let go. Growth is hardly achieved without mistake, and many times the manifestation of mistake is the feeling of loss. In this case, we view our actions as detrimental to our beings, and as a contributing factor to the absence of something great that was once in our lives. When we lose something that we should not have, we have a choice. We can either ignore the issue and move on, or we can fight for what we know is rightfully ours. The fight to gain back a loss that has occurred because of our own human behavior is not easy. It is one that requires humility and patience, but in the end, we are better for it. We are better for fighting, because the losses in life that we must work to regain, moved us to fight for a reason. These losses were ours once, and can be ours again if hard work collides with opportunity—work ethic with destiny. They deserve the fight that is within us all, and if they are meant to, will always make their way back.


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