Why We Cannot Plan for Life

Change in life is inevitable. Growth, by definition, is the marked shift or change in something. It is evolution for the better, the single necessary component to forward motion. Sometimes things we love—friendships, relationships, life circumstances, and people—change. They become different, and consequently, so do we. When things that we both can and cannot control become different, i.e., when a friendship drifts, a relationship falters, or a new person enters our lives, the way that we ultimately approach life differs as well. We live differently simply because life is different. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction—our energy and love do not go away simply because the object of our energy and love has. They are merely invested elsewhere. With shift, a new space in the puzzle of our lives is made available, and not long thereafter, is filled. As humans, we adapt. With change, we maximize.

Sometimes we do not want things to change, but I think unexpected change is the best part of life because it results in things we did not see coming. It ends with products that we could have never imagined. It is an amazing feeling when we are able to look back and say that we never saw our current situation coming, but we are able to say that we are in an amazing place. When we are able to say that we could not picture life without these changes, and that we could not see the people we are without the growth that has occurred, we have adapted correctly and changed for the better. The change that we were presented with has changed us. We are advised to embrace change and I want to believe that every person does this to the best of their ability. However, at times we tend to forget that life will often fail to unfold in the way we originally planned for or anticipated. We find that when we live, life has other plans. We discover that maybe there is no plan, after all, but only the serendipitous that comes from embracing the unexpected and loving where we are.


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