Why Love Goes Unnoticed

In the world that we live in, both on a global and an individual scale, sometimes it appears that great love is rare. Many times, our own love and capabilities to love go unnoticed by us. We do not realize the potential of our hearts. Like an immune system, or the ability to breathe, our love is an essential part of our beings whose importance is often overlooked until it is needed, hindered, or lacking. It is not that great love is rare, but rather the situations that require great love, ones that single love out as the only answer, are rare. We see when we go without.


Our own love is most visible when it is most desperately demanded. We realize we need it when its healing power is necessary to move forward. Just as when we are sick and become better again, we remember how critical a functioning immune system is. When underwater, we remember how it feels to fill our lungs with air. Just as the importance of air and health does not make itself known regularly, we do not realize the potential of our love until we are able to see the absence of love. Great love is found in the not so great places. It is found in goodbyes—where the mere thought of parting with one who holds a piece of our hearts is unbearable. It is found in fights—when tears and harsh words render our beings out of balance. These things remind us that only with the subtle serenity of love our world is at peace again. Great love is not rare. Rather, it is the sustaining force of life and is rather abundant. Somehow, life keeps us in check. It throws us into situations where we are forced to see, if only for a mere second, the absence of love, and allows us to appreciate and sustain it one more time.

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