Our Worlds: What We Make Them


In our culture, great emphasis is placed on people as individuals, rather than extensions of the world. It is easy to believe that as long as we make decisions devoid of hate or greed, the rest of the world will fall into place in accordance with what we want. However, as people, we are much more than occupants that live as passive recipients of our environment. Who is to say that we—individuals with hopes, dreams, goals, fears, and secrets—are limited by the skin we are in? That we cannot affect a reality that is bigger than our own? “Reality” is a mere reflection of who we choose to be. Our personal circumstances reflect who we are because true colors shine most brightly through our actions. Our actions affect our outcome, and oftentimes define it.


By manifesting our passions and goals into the manner in which we pursue them, our lives become a journey of purpose. When we infuse ourselves into the world around us and think in terms greater than our own beings, we are no longer an occupant but a constituent of our environment—a necessary tool. Life may just be a continuous journey, one pushed forth by the notion of living the best lives we can and becoming all that we can be. Many times, it is not easy to externalize our thoughts and passions, and make it known who we are and what we are all about. Exposure allows vulnerability, even in the situations that seem the safest, and vulnerability means the opportunity to be shot down. However, it is crucial to think what you think, feel what you feel, and most importantly, believe what you believe with your whole being. For in the end, the worlds that we live in are the worlds that we created—the products of dream and courage, and the lives that we live are the paths that we chose to walk in those worlds.


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