What Preparing for the Future Really Means

Change is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of life. They say that the only constant is change, that we need to expect the unexpected, and that it is wise to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. So as people, we do what we do best. We attempt to predict what will happen—as if we have some clue as to what the future will hold. The way that life works, however, we can never really be ready for tomorrow. There is no way to expect something or someone that has yet to stumble into our lives, or to ready ourselves for the worst, when we do not even know what the best could be. Readying ourselves for change does not mean predicting what will be different tomorrow from today. The world is imperfect, and as constituents of the world, so are we and our guesses as to what tomorrow may bring.

Being ready for change is not an appeal for prediction, but rather a call to live right now. Seems a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it? That we should stay so focused and immersed in the very moment that we are in, that we cannot possibly think about how to live past this day, or even past this moment. Aren’t we supposed to keep a keen eye towards the horizon, and be ready so that we are not blindsided with what we did not see coming? To a certain extent, yes. However, living life in the best ways that we can, right now, is all the preparation we could ever rely on.

How many times have our lives altered course in a way that we “never saw coming?”  When do you hear reflections upon life that are entirely composed of accurate predictions and subsequent action? The best things in life—love, happiness, friendship, and inspiration—are more often than not the result of something out of our control as imperfect people with imperfect conceptions of the world. Leaving room for the serendipitous, and not concerning ourselves with what we think will happen is the most appropriate course of action. By giving chance a try and allowing that which can neither be predicted nor prepared for occur, allows for each of our lives to unfold in their own perfectly imperfect way.


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