What You May be Giving Up by Merely “Living”

It is easy to find ourselves caught up in everyday life—the little things that give us temporary satisfaction yet are not long lasting. Money, jobs, clothes—it seems as though while we are alive, we tend to forget that we are living. It seems as though we are preparing ourselves to “one day” live, but that life is on hold for the time being. The standard conception of life appears to be, for now we can forget about our dreams, toss aside our aspirations, and stifle our wild imaginations because they do not fit our current needs. They do not give us temporary satisfaction.


Yet while we are preparing to live, oftentimes we forget that the moments we are living in are ones that we will not get back. If only once in a while, try to view your priorities from the outside in—if you were examining someone else’s life, would you say that they’ve got it right?


We think about what will get us through the day: this paper, that job, this project, that report. We think about what we need to accomplish today in order to wake up tomorrow and continue the cycle. But what exactly is it that we are continuing? Are we waking up in order to accomplish more, to continue to make checkmarks on our lists that will never really end? The way that life works is the same for a lot of people. Each of us has a dream, some goal that we want to accomplish—it may be the works of our the wildest corner of our mind, or it may be something small, something simple and meaningful. We have this dream, and those of us that are unafraid to go after it, begin to work. Yet all too often, the courage of the dreamers is stifled by the path to get there. Along the way, we get caught up in the trappings of life—we find ourselves lost amidst merely trying to get by. Simply put, we often lose track because we get caught up in the business of living. Though the has-been dreamers are a step ahead of those who never try, they end up just the same.


So take in heed in the way you spend your days—if you are not yet living the dream, examine your actions. Are these actions enabling you to chase it? Whatever you are doing, each day that you are not living the dream or chasing it, you are cashing in precious time for fleeting worries. Trading life for death, eternity for temporary, and creativity for complacency. Take pride in the moments where you do not fit the mold, for if you intentionally avoid these days for ignorance or for fear of what could be, you just may be trading in the life you always imagined for the one that everyone else is living.


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