The Reasons We Shouldn’t Have it All Figured Out

Once in a while, an event, a person, or even a time and place, interrupt the lives that we thought we were living, and change the way that we view the world. Suddenly, everything that we thought we knew becomes less certain, but our life paths simultaneously become a little more complex and clear, and we do not discount the possibility of anything or anyone. We discover that our thought process is innately human—gorgeously flawed and perpetually changing. Just when we think it’s all figured out, we realize it is only the beginning. Right when we thought we knew it all, we become thankful that we do not.

When our views change, so do our needs, our wants, our hopes, and our dreams. When our view of the world expands, so do we. We find that we need less, and find satisfaction in more. A world without mystery, one which fails to excite the self and stimulate the imagination, is the product of a flawed way of thinking, and not a flawed world. It is the result of a stagnant mind and the failure to believe in something higher than our own being. So when the incredible happens, life’s miracles begin to be found in places that we never thought they would. Life itself becomes a miracle, and not a task. The search that living encompasses becomes one that yearns for what fails to fit the mold. At this crucial point, we become discontent with narrow thinking and predetermined paths.

Maybe wanting the unscripted life, the one that challenges the norms of today, makes us irrational. Maybe it makes us crazy, stupid, misguided, or hopeless champions of wishful thinking. But maybe it makes us dreamers. Maybe the push for something greater than what has been set before us, is the mark of greatness yet to come. Those that think outside of the constraints that society has seemingly placed upon thought, think in a manner that is not easy to control, and is near impossible to get rid of once employed. Once we begin to grasp the possible and cast aside the notion of impossible, dreams shed their dreamlike state and reality becomes what we hoped it would.


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