Why Life is a little more Eternal than it Seems


Life, as it is presented to us, is fleeting. We are bombarded with the idea that we must seize every opportunity that comes our way, because it may never come again. We live our lives in accordance with the notion that we must take advantage of where we are, here and now, because it will not last forever. Everywhere we turn, we hear about the fallibility of life, the mortality of it all. We are continuously reminded of our own brief existences and how, try as we might, we cannot make them last forever.

It is wise to take advantage of these pieces of advice, for surely earthly life does not go on forever. However, nobody ever talks about the opposite. We never hear about life’s durability. Far too seldom do we hear about the infallibility of the human spirit and the strength of human connection. We emphasize what we cannot have rather than what we do have. Maybe we do not have “forever” in the way that it is understood by most of us—an infinite amount of time to live. Yet, we do have forever. The time that we live our lives is, in essence, forever for our own beings.  We did not know ourselves before we were born and we do not know what lies ahead for each of us after we die. Is our lifespan then, not our own “forever?”

By attempting to maximize the time that we are here, sometimes we forget that life is a balance of opposites. We forget that as surely as we will die, we will live. That we are as strong as we are vulnerable. We are as capable of forgiveness as we are capable of hurt. And, as humans, we are capable of love far more than we are capable of hate. Although we may not have forever, forever surely has us. We cannot discount the time that has been made available to do the most good that we can do, and to love one another in the best ways that we know how. There may be no reason why the Earth will continue to spin long after we are gone. However, there is surely a reason that we are here for the brief amount of time that we are allowed to spin with it.


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